Working on the Road

Working on the Road

The thought of working on the road might not seem ideal, especially if you have a job that requires long hours and a constant workload. However, some people have the luxury to work remote as their job doesn’t undergo a fixed schedule. And if you plan ahead and adhere to a schedule, you’ll be surprised how much work you can actually get done, while also having a great time with your friends or family.

The first tip is to wake up early before the sun rises or just wake up before anyone else so you’re free of distractions. This is when you’ll be able to get the most work done, and once lunchtime rolls around, you’ll be ready to kick it with the fam. If the group plans on making an early start, then have them vacate and you can catch up later. If you’re concerned with missing out, then plan the most exciting trips for the weekend when you don’t have to work.

Furthermore, have a dedicated workspace. This is an area you can always come back to in order to hyperfocus. It’s also crucial to have a change of scenery too. Working on the road provides an opportunity to grab a lawn chair and a cup o’ Joe, while enjoying the fresh air. If the outdoors don’t cut it for you, then just close the blinds and get into a white noise zone. Headphones can be your friend as well to drown out all the surrounding noise (if there is any). Like any job, however; it is crucial to take frequent breaks so you’re not worn out.

Finally, make sure to only bring your laptop and check that the campsite has Wi-Fi. The days you’re forced to be kept inside because of the weather, take advantage of getting most of your workload done. And most importantly, be adaptable. Having a job that allows you to work remote is the prime deal. But if you have a busy schedule that accounts for conference call after conference call and faxing papers, then it’s probably not a good idea to work on the road. Use your best judgment, but it’s definitely a possibility for anyone wanting to take a break from the office life without using up all their vacation time. 

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