Travel for Health

As Americans, a fair share of us are hyper focused on our jobs. About 4 in 10 americans report working 50+ hours a week, while most of us work 34+ hours, which is more compared to some of the largest economies in the world. Stress, fatigue and boredom factor into an average day of the middle class worker. But guess what? It’s okay to take time off for yourself and vacation a little. Everyone needs a break, it doesn’t matter who you are. Some of us forget this is even an option.


According to the Global Coalition on Aging, travel reduces work stressors in one’s life only after a day or two of vacation in 89 percent of individuals. Only after a day!? Additionally, traveling has been found to reduce heart disease and help with depression. It’s also great for the mind, because your body is able to rejuvenate back to its old ways…but better. Studies show individuals are able to return back to work with the capability to handle stress at a better rate and are less “burnt out.” Makes sense. Around 75 percent of adults credit traveling to helping with relationships. Couples are especially recommended to take time off for themselves; it helps bring the two back together.


I’m sure most of you have heard traveling “expands the mind.” But it really does. See, when you’re used to a routine day, your mind becomes closed off to new possibilities and creative thinking. Traveling takes you out of that routine to open one’s horizons. When you travel, it’s hard to plan everything out according to schedule. You don’t want to do this anyways, because facing the unforeseen is good living. Traveling with family, groups, or even soloing it? It doesn’t matter, because everyone will benefit in some way. It’s been proven that traveling is a healthy phenomenon. Love yourself a little and take a break.