Solo Traveler — How to Have Fun & Be Safe

Traveling alone is a beautiful experience and we recommend taking the trek. The solo traveler has their advantages from easy planning to escaping their comfort zone. You will be able to learn more about yourself and your surroundings. Discover how to be social if you’re shy or discover how being by yourself is done if you vibe off of constant social life. Most people act differently when they’re around people they know. Take the time to discover who you truly are. No matter the type of individual, we can promise you will come back from the trip feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Besides, we all have some sort of bucket list we wish to accomplish in life. Trying to move plans forward with others can be time consuming, and in the end will move us further away from what you as an individual wanted to do in the first place. Instead of satisfying your own wishes, everyone is trying to compromise together. Yes, it would be nice to have a friend come with but you can also make new friends along the way. Solo traveling allows spontaneity.

Did you know traveling alone makes you better at traveling altogether? Your self awareness and observations perk up. It will also boost your confidence as you’re relying on yourself alone. It’s up to you to manage the money, prep the meals, set up a place to stay, etc. The trip will also be a personal feat. It’s your story to tell and your experience to keep all to yourself. However, it is important to stay safe. We put together easy tips to digest before the trip.

How to be safe traveling:

  1. Park near groups of other vehicles/campers when staying the night in a strange place. It’s important to be near others for safety reasons.
  2. Always lock your vehicle/camper when taking a trip into town or just walking around.
  3. Girls and guys — be cautious about how you dress. Blend in with your surroundings by not wearing clothing that makes you stand out from everyone else.
  4. Make sure all of your living areas are not open to public eye. Put shades in your windows or a dark covering to keep out unwanted eyes from viewing in.
  5. Have some type of protection such as pepper spray or a taser.
  6. Keep a cell phone on you at all times.
  7. Exude confidence — don’t act shady or nervous around others.
  8. Plan before you go. Research the hotel/campground, surrounding area and how to get to your destination beforehand.
  9. Tell your friends and family where you’ll be traveling and stay in touch.
  10. Explore and HAVE FUN! Check out your surroundings. Just because you’re trying to be safe, doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up.

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