How to Save Money on Gas

You’ve just planned your family vay-cay and now it’s time to hit the road with your swanky RV. Maybe it’s your first time camping or maybe it’s an annual trip. Have you considered the cost that accumulates just from gas, and have you thought about ways to reduce that cost? Well we’re here to help and have scooped up some simple tips.


  1. Take your time driving & avoid interstates: The faster you drive, the more fuel you exhaust. Cruising on back roads and enjoying the scenery is a big factor in what driving an RV is all about. Additionally, set your cruise control because driving at a consistent speed saves fuel as well. 55 mph is generally a good cruise.
  2. Get rid of the junk in the trunk: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, every extra 100 pounds loses 1-2% in your fuel. In relation to the size of an RV, it’s about 250 pounds. So if you’re not traveling far, it’s not necessary to drive with an entire tank of freshwater.
  3. Tune it up: Check those air filters for clean air (improves fuel economy up to 10%), tune up your engine (if not, it can reduce fuel economy 10-20%), inflate your tires, and check to make sure your spark plugs are up to par.
  4. Bridle the idle: Sitting in your vehicle idling wastes gas. A general rule of thumb is if you are planning on waiting more than 60 seconds, turn the engine off.
  5. Fuel when it’s cool: Fuel up in the cooler part of the day. Gas is stored under the ground, so the cooler the ground = the denser the gas. AKA more bang for your buck.
  6. Travel later in the day: Using A/C can really take a toll on your fuel economy. Traveling in the later part of the day allows you to keep the A/C down.
  7. Check the alignment: You don’t want unaligned tires, because this could cause dragging of the RV. Hint, hint…bad on your fuel economy.


Use these steps and see if your wallet contains a few extra bucks at the end of your trip. Have fun on your vacation, and don’t let money become a tedious issue. Remember: take your time, always be cool and tune, tune, tune.