RV Checklist

Don’t let renting an RV become a hassle by trying to frantically remember everything you need to take. We’ve provided this RV checklist for all of your essential needs. But before you start, you should know what the basic package comes with when renting an RV from Texas Custom RV Rentals.

Don’t Fret Because…

All rentals come with a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, dishes, pots/pans, cutlery, cups and toilet paper.

What You Need to Bring:



Square-outline-256 Bath towels/washcloths*

Square-outline-256 Body wash

Square-outline-256 Brushes/combs

Square-outline-256 Contacts/eye solution/glasses

Square-outline-256 Cosmetics


Square-outline-256 Face wash

Square-outline-256 Hair essentials (bobby pins, hair ties, etc.)

Square-outline-256 Hair products (hairspray, dry shampoo, etc.)

Square-outline-256 Hair styling tools (blow dryer, flat iron, etc.)

Square-outline-256 Lotion

Square-outline-256 Razor/shaving cream

Square-outline-256 Shampoo/conditioner

Square-outline-256 Toothbrush/toothpaste

(*Look below at our optional convenience package)


Square-outline-256 Blankets*

Square-outline-256 Nightstand items 

Square-outline-256 Pillows/pillow cases*

Square-outline-256 Sheets*

(*Look below at our optional convenience package)


Square-outline-256 Board Games

Square-outline-256 Books

Square-outline-256 Cards

Square-outline-256 Magazines

Square-outline-256 Movies

Square-outline-256 Music

(Look below at our optional entertainment package)

NOTE: Some campers already come with games and movies. 


Square-outline-256 Dish soap

Square-outline-256 Groceries

Square-outline-256 Kitchen towels

Square-outline-256 Lighters & matches

Square-outline-256 Paper towels

Square-outline-256 Snacks

Square-outline-256 Throwaway paper plates, utensils, cups, etc. (if you do not want to wash dishes)

Square-outline-256 Trash bags

Square-outline-256 Ziplock bags


Square-outline-256 Cash/credit cards

Square-outline-256 Cell phone

Square-outline-256 Clothes (pants, PJs, shirts, socks, undergarments, etc.) 

Square-outline-256 Jacket

Square-outline-256 Keys

Square-outline-256 Medication

Square-outline-256 Raingear

Square-outline-256 Sunglasses/hat

Square-outline-256 Swimwear

Square-outline-256 Tennis shoes


Square-outline-256 Backpack

Square-outline-256 Batteries

Square-outline-256 Bug spray

Square-outline-256 Camera/video equipment

Square-outline-256 Cooler (portable)

Square-outline-256 Computer/computer supplies

Square-outline-256 Eyeglass repair kit

Square-outline-256 First aid kit

Square-outline-256 Laundry detergent/laundry bag

Square-outline-256 Lawn-chairs

Square-outline-256 Pens/pencil/paper

Square-outline-256 Sunscreen

Square-outline-256 Umbrella


Square-outline-256 Maps

Square-outline-256 Proof of insurance

Convenience Package (Linen Kit)

Includes towel(s), washcloth(s), sheets, blanket(s) and pillow(s).

$30 – Master bedroom kit (2 people)

$20 – Additional for all remaining beds (please advise how many total people)

Entertainment Package

Includes satellite TV, 36” outdoor propane griddle, and outdoor 32” LCD TV. 

$45 flat fee

(Only available for the Forest River Salem and we cannot guarantee a satellite signal (i.e. trees over the camping area))


Make packing a simple checklist so you thoroughly enjoy the entire expedition of your vacation.

Did we miss anything? Shoot us an email to let us know!