Camping Games

The Winking Murder

To begin the game, someone must be deemed the “Godfather.” Once deemed, the rest of the players must close their eyes as the Godfather chooses who the “Assassin” will be. The Godfather will do this by secretly tapping someone’s shoulder. The rest of the players must not know who the Assassin is until they are “found out” during the game. To play, the Assassin must secretly wink at different players without being caught. Once he winks at a player, they must fall over and play dead. Whoever figures out who the winker (i.e. Assassin) is wins the game. However, if someone guesses incorrectly, they’re out.



Flashlight Tag

This is just like real life tag, except you’re “tagging” people with the light of your flashlight. In the beginning, someone must be “it.” The person nominated as “it” holds the flashlight and “tags” people with it. This is chosen however you’d like. The “one-two-three NOT IT,” is always a good tactic. Everyone must then hide as the tagger counts to thirty or however long the team decides. Then everyone else must hide as the tagger tries and finds everyone in the dark with their flashlight. The person who wins is the last one standing (not tagged). 


Capture the Flag

This game is ideal for a large group so split up into two teams. Each team has their own flag or some sort of marker they must protect against the other team. To win the game, you must capture the other team’s “flag” and make it back safely to your own territory. If the other team comes into your territory, you can tag them and they will go to your “jail.” They can be released from jail if their own teammate comes over and tags them to release them and is able to run back before getting tagged again by the opponent team.



Pantyhose Bowling

This one is strictly for giggles. First you break up into two groups. Each group has a line of water bottles in front of them. The opponents going against each other on the first round place a pantyhose with something somewhat heavy at the end, like a ball or sand, and place it on top of their heads. Then whoever knocks over the water bottles first with the pantyhose contraption, wins.



Good ‘Ole Fashion Scavenger Hunt

Even though you’re camping, you can still find cool stuff. Make a list of what to find or search for a fun list online like the one we’ve provided below. You can either split up into teams or have every man for themselves. Whoever finds all (or most) of the items on the list wins the game.