Five Awesome Day to Day Things You Can Do in an RV

Five Awesome Day to Day Things You Can Do in an RV

Having an RV or camper really changes how you approach vacationing.

So many of our customers have revolutionized their game plan from the old days, when they had to book hotels or bed-and-breakfast online and plan meticulously for every trip away from home.

With a camper or RV, you carry your home with you. Here are some of the best things about having one of these mobile units on hand as you travel.

A Hot Shower

Do you dislike jumping into the shower where hundreds of other people have been before you?

Then you’ll really love being able to simply hop inside your own moving vehicle and take a luxurious hot shower and wash your hair. No shower sandals needed. Ditto for using the toilet.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sure, when you were younger, it was awesome to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. But with age, this often gets a lot less enjoyable, and even some young ones have a lot of trouble getting their needed sleep in a tent.

Modern RVs and campers can be surprisingly luxurious. Beds are strategically located in places with adequate darkness and space to relax. This will have you feeling a lot better in the morning!

Playing Some Tunes

Want a new friend or a traveling companion to hear what you’re into? Modern sound systems in top-of-the-line camper and RV units allow you to get home entertainment quality stereo away from home. Or hop online and take care of necessary details through your mobile Wi-Fi. It’s all part of having a home base while you’re on the road.

Catching Some Shade

Many vacations are taken in the dog days of summer, on hot, sticky days where you can really get dehydrated and exhausted if you don’t watch out.

Park your camper or RV by the beach, and you have an immediate spot to relax when you get tired of the heat and the sun. You can save yourself a lobster sunburn and get a cold drink while cooling off quickly, which can add a lot to your summer vacation!

A Home-Cooked Meal

When you’re tired of styrofoam take-out containers, you can put some meat or veggies on the range inside your own camper or RV. You’ll find you eat better on the road, and your body will thank you.

What all of these excellent activities have in common is that you can do them better in more luxurious camper and RV models. Take a look at all of the great models we have on hand at Texas Custom RV Rentals in Austin. Regardless of your budget and what you need – we have you covered!