How to Drive with an RV Trailer

How to Drive with an RV Trailer

Let’s get one thing out in the open – driving an RV is nothing like driving a car or even a big truck. For safety precautions, don’t wait until you hit the road to discover the differences. From tight turns to bumpy terrains and small parking spaces, driving an RV comes with its own special […]

How RV Rentals Can Be an Essential Part of a Family Vacation

How RV Rentals Can Be an Essential Part of a Family Vacation

Planning the ultimate getaway with the family can seem like a daunting process that may leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before the trip ever begins. Between reserving hotel rooms, making sure there is plenty of space for everyone to sleep, and even securing adequate shelter, creating an experience the whole family can enjoy can […]

Comfort Wherever You Are

Comfort Wherever You Are

What’s so great about RVs and trailers? If you’re the type who stays at home most of the time, (or all of the time!) maybe you don’t see these assets as being really transformative in terms of your lifestyle. But anyone who’s going anywhere can really benefit from having one of these nice, portable living […]

Five Awesome Day to Day Things You Can Do in an RV

Five Awesome Day to Day Things You Can Do in an RV

Having an RV or camper really changes how you approach vacationing. So many of our customers have revolutionized their game plan from the old days, when they had to book hotels or bed-and-breakfast online and plan meticulously for every trip away from home. With a camper or RV, you carry your home with you. Here […]

Three Reasons to Use Texas Custom RV Rentals

Three Reasons to Use Texas Custom RV Rentals

Campers and RVs are fun – but they’re a lot of work. That’s what’s behind our philosophy at Texas Custom RV Rentals – of course, there’s more to it than that, but we really do love helping people maximize their fun and optimize their vacations, so they don’t have to take on the burden of […]


Spice Up Your Campfire Meals

Spice Up Your Campfire Meals It’s easy to associate vacation with junk food, and envision it as the time to splurge on your diet; money and calorie-wise. Moreover, buying fast food on the road or cooking hot dogs and hamburgers every night might also seem like an easy go-to plan as well. But just because […]


Prices Dropped on our Fun-Sized Campers

Prices Dropped on our Fun-Sized Campers Nightly rental pricing has been dropped for three of our campers. These campers are fun-sized, meaning they are for the solo traveler or for the getaway couple. They are easier to take out as their dry weight is less than the rest of our fleet, and they are perfect […]


Working on the Road

Working on the Road The thought of working on the road might not seem ideal, especially if you have a job that requires long hours and a constant workload. However, some people have the luxury to work remote as their job doesn’t undergo a fixed schedule. And if you plan ahead and adhere to a […]


Solo Traveler — How to Have Fun & Be Safe

Traveling alone is a beautiful experience and we recommend taking the trek. The solo traveler has their advantages from easy planning to escaping their comfort zone. You will be able to learn more about yourself and your surroundings. Discover how to be social if you’re shy or discover how being by yourself is done if you vibe […]


Camping Games

The Winking Murder To begin the game, someone must be deemed the “Godfather.” Once deemed, the rest of the players must close their eyes as the Godfather chooses who the “Assassin” will be. The Godfather will do this by secretly tapping someone’s shoulder. The rest of the players must not know who the Assassin is until […]


Featured Campground — Sunset Point on Lake LBJ

Location: Marble Falls, Texas   The Basics: Sunset Point is located about 38 minutes from Texas Custom RV Rentals (TCRR), and two miles west of Marble Falls. The area provides a lakefront view on 20 acres of shoreline within a gated and paved community. The resort offers premium and deluxe campgrounds. What Else? The premium […]

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Featured Campground — La Hacienda RV Resort & Cottages

Campground: La Hacienda   Location: Austin, Texas     Basics: La Hacienda is about 45 minutes (without traffic) from Texas Custom RV Rentals, 3 miles outside of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. The campground has exceptional site sizes (average is 90 by 45 feet) with full hookups and crushed gravel pads. The sites come with […]


Travel for Health

As Americans, a fair share of us are hyper focused on our jobs. About 4 in 10 americans report working 50+ hours a week, while most of us work 34+ hours, which is more compared to some of the largest economies in the world. Stress, fatigue and boredom factor into an average day of the middle class […]

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Featured Campground — Buckhorn Lake Resort

Campground: Buckhorn Lake Resort   Location: Kerrville, Texas   Basics: Buckhorn Lake Resort is about 2 hours 15 minutes from Texas Custom RV Rentals in the heart of Texas Hill Country. The campground is landscaped throughout with full hookups and concrete pads. There are about 130 sites with either pull-ins or back-ins, an adults only section, […]


How to Change a Tire

Let’s face it – there’s a fair majority of us who don’t know how to change a tire. We usually call up our dad, stand on the side of the road hoping a nice civilian will stop to help, or call AAA. That’s all fine and dandy, but it would be helpful to know how […]

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Featured Campground — Canyon of the Eagles

Campground: Canyon of the Eagles   Location: Lake Buchanan — 20 miles from Burnet   Basics: Canyon of the Eagles is about an hour away from Texas Custom RV Rentals in the Hill Country of Burnet, Texas. The campground overlooks a lake, and the back-in sites are on asphalt pads up to 40 feet in […]


RV Checklist

Don’t let renting an RV become a hassle by trying to frantically remember everything you need to take. We’ve provided this RV checklist for all of your essential needs. But before you start, you should know what the basic package comes with when renting an RV from Texas Custom RV Rentals. Don’t Fret Because… All […]

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Featured Campground — Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Campground: Mill Creek Ranch Resort   Location: Canton, Texas   Basics: Mill Creek Ranch Resort is about five hours north of the Austin area. It’s located in east Texas, outside of Tyler, Texas. The resort provides an array of amenities and a complimentary concierge if so desired. At your campground, you will be accommodated with […]


How to Save Money on Gas

You’ve just planned your family vay-cay and now it’s time to hit the road with your swanky RV. Maybe it’s your first time camping or maybe it’s an annual trip. Have you considered the cost that accumulates just from gas, and have you thought about ways to reduce that cost? Well we’re here to help […]