4 Surprising Kitchen Elements You'll Find in Mini RVs and Trailers

4 Surprising Kitchen Elements You’ll Find in Mini RVs and Trailers

One of the things our customers love about our inventory of RV and trailer rentals at Texas Custom RV Rentals is the economy and function you can find in smaller units. Our “mini” or “micro” units come with lower rental prices and a smaller footprint, but they still offer an impressive array of living features.

That’s especially true when you come to the kitchen – which, like everything else, has to fit into a pretty small space. That doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t have elbow-room or expansive design built into these smaller vehicles.

Here are some of the items that our shoppers are surprised to find in our smaller RVs and trailers when they take the initial tour.

The Double Sink

It’s great to have two sinks side-by-side when you’re washing dishes. Even if it’s just one plate and set of flatware, having two sinks means you can soap in one and rinse in another, or have one sink for storage and one sink to wash.

When our visitors see the double sink, they sometimes express surprise that you can have these features even in a mini trailer.

Three-Burner Range

You’d think that many trailer designers would just throw in one single propane burner to save space, but some of these designs have multi-burner ranges, which, again, helps with cooking. You can have your carrots on one burner and meat on another. Then you can also be boiling water for tea.

Microwave Ovens

Of course, many of these units also have a microwave for the convenience-inclined, but some people are old school and like to cook their own food, and for them, having multiple burners in the kitchen is a great option. It helps you to turn out a surprising quality of cuisine right from your RV or trailer kitchen.

The Pantry

To some people, it almost sounds like a joke to have a pantry in a mini RV – but designers have put some functional food storage spaces into these units, again, to help home chefs to cook out of their trailers as they travel.

These are some of the most popular amenities that we see in RV and trailer kitchens, and you don’t have to give them up in order to get a smaller design. You can check out our 2018 Rockwood Mini Lite and 2018 Flagstaff Micro Lite models online for specific examples, or come down and talk to us about what you need in your package. We’re here to help you find the recreational vehicle of your dreams!